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Global Infinity Digital or GIDIGI

is a Software Development , IT company with 19+ years of programming experience. Gidigi offers: Website, Mobile APP and other Software Development. Market Research with AI , Consulting, Cyber Security,   Computer Security Analysis done by specialist or AI, Maintenance and Support and in the future hosting too. Gidigi is independent has offices at 2 locations around UK, all shareholders work for the company, which allows us to be flexible and make rapid decisions when necessary. Our partners mainly Europe based but Gidigi works internationally. Over the years we have developed; Games and online casino, an AI: j0shu4 which has greatly helped us to get where we are now, a travel management website: Bookluk with engine based on neural networking, a social website : Batgle also based on neural network coding. Batgle is on it's test period. Global Infinity Digital wants your business to succeed, because that’s not only benefits you but potentially us as well. Helping you the get through the jungle of the digital world and keeping your cost down is our main goal. Hope to be at your service!


Software development

Software development
Design is the soul of our projects, we pride ourselves of executing intuitive user interfaces to meeting strong graphic standards. From UI to UX design, from back-end system integration to front-end development, we put our mobile expertise in the whole development process.

Market Research

Market Research
Market research is the process of collecting valuable information to help you find out if there is a market for your proposed product or service. The information gathered from market research helps budding entrepreneurs make wise and profitable business decisions. The key to any successful business is to understand what it is that your customers want and giving this to them in a way that is profitable for you.


We help companies confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends to create enduring results.

Security Diagnostic

Security Diagnostic
Cyber security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing are the three main types of security diagnostics. Each of the three takes a different approach and may be best suited for a particular purpose.


Social Sites


batgle webpage

Social network based on neural network coding.

Neural network helps: smart profile management, better network maintenance, news check, privacy control, low working cost. Network functions: message, voice and video chat; business & personal connections; chat room; newsroom; gallery etc. Aim is that the website became fully automatic and self learning, able to correct and check without human interaction.

Currently Alpha version is under test period.


Electro Diamond

eledia look

Finally this popular game became multiplayer.

You can play it alone with your friend or try the tournament*.

You win or lose virtual coins with every game or just play simple with no bet.

1 round is 100 seconds.

*in progress

Intelligent Data Analyzing

Joshua (AI)

j0shu4 face

Artificial intelligent marketing research and network management.

More coming soon...

J0shu4.com website is under development but in the main time please enjoy some of the videos uploaded there.

Travel Management


bookluk webpage

Full travel management system. Developed with neural network coding.
Hotel reservation part already active. Flight and car rental booking available not active yet. Table booking is in progress. Be on train or travel by car Bookluk.com's website easily can be viewed on mobile, tablet, laptop due it's small size.
Bookluk search engine compatible to use multiply data supplier at once to get to best price for the customers. “You see what you will pay” at the end of the search results. Technical advantage of the back end system using neural network is that each search faster and faster due to it's learning ability. More people search the faster it gets. The automatic system main benefit is the extremely low working cost. Under test period.: The website is capable to receive verbal command from the user/customer to search, book a hotel room or look up travel information.


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